Conference about youth challenges, Prevent team and the community practitioners

22nd of August 2015 Bristol Somali Forum with collaboration of Bristol Somali voice have implemented preventing and youth conference.

Somali young people from ethnic minorities have been facing hardship and immense challenges,which hinder their energy,skill and contribution to their lives and communities. BSF with inauguration of individual efforts like Kaysar and others have implemented
this conference which aim to address and promote and challenges of young people, the conference brought community leaders, mosque, young people, Somali scholars on same platform.

the conference promoted different issue include youth challenges, lack of youth engagement in decision making platforms, intergenerational gap, youth radicalizations etc.

 Police officers from preventing team have emphasized how they are always keen to work
with community, like wise, Bristol Somali Forum always support community programs but also concern to build the trust between the community and different working agents.

Additionally, Youth Conference on 22nd of August 2015, has created sense of unity among Somalis in Bristol, as this was one of few events those Somalis with different political views( Somali-land and Somali)  have involved,if not the first.

Finally as chair of Bristol Somali Forum, I am sending my gratitude to every one who directly or indirectly contributed to the conference. Thank you All.

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